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we're here for those who aim for the sky in their careers

With our People & Culture approach that prioritizes people first, we have become pioneers in the aviation technology sector.


Turkish TechnologyHuman Resources

With Turkish Airlines on our side, we've become the technology leader in the aviation and air cargo sector in Turkey! Thinking outside the box, continuously aiming for the sky, and challenging the standards of global competition, we are an innovative team and accustomed to success... We design and develop technology solutions adopting the R&D mentality where people, engineering, and software are the essential components. In an environment full of technological developments such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, fintech, cyber security, and blockchain, we are confidently and successfully flying to the future with the power of knowledge. We believe in talent and know that happy employees can create value. Therefore, we've adopted the motto "human first, technology second". We are flying to the future knowing that valuable individuals make a valuable family.

Career Journeyat Turkish Technology

A journey brings joy and happiness when done together, rather than alone. Defining the career journey, we bear the responsibility of always thinking as "WE" by not leaving our teammates alone in this process. We completely support every talent with a focus on the experience and value they bring and contribute to their development. We know very well that success comes from continuous education and learning bearing in mind that learning is a life-long process. Thanks to our global projects and professional training programs, we learn and improve ourselves at the same time. We also support our employees at all times to take on new responsibilities in line with their experiences. Full of joy and hope, we fly to the future with all our colleagues as well as our company.

Turkish TechnologyRecruitment Process

Yes, recruitment is a process and most of the time it is perceived as one-sided. At Turkish Technology, we believe that both the individual and the organization are equally valuable. Although finding talent has become harder nowadays, we try to reach new teammates through different channels and ensure that the recruitment process is precisely carried out in a manner that both sides are satisfied. We are trying to build a bridge between our company and young talents through job offers on our website, bootcamps, hackathons, datathons, ideathons, fresh graduate-student programs, and career day events. On the other hand, we mostly try to reach experts and management trainees through announcements on our career portal. We have built all communication, technical examination, and assessment processes with a modern and people-centered approach considering all our candidates, and we are confident that these processes will both be enjoyable and rewarding for you!

Social Benefitsat Turkish Technology

At Turkish Technology, fringe benefits are regarded as indispensable. Since these benefits reflect our sincerity in valuing people outside our general work processes. Private health insurance, meal card, day care support, marriage support, birth support, discounts at in-network providers, discount plane tickets, contracted accommodation opportunities, bereavement leave, and leaves granted to employees on special occasions in addition to legal leaves are the benefits we try to provide to our employees. However, we are always looking forward to evaluating other requests you might have.

Until today , we have carried out numerous projects creating value at a global scale. We will be continuing to contribute to the development of the world aviation industry with our pioneering technologies.


We are a strong team of more than 1300 valuable experts. We pursue the same goal of winning altogether and continue our efforts with the motivation to reach our goal.


In our offices equipped with modern technology and located in Istanbul (2), Ankara and Izmir, we develop solutions and products which guide the aviation sector. And we have new global and local offices on the way!